Brakes at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram



Have you noticed that you need more response time when braking? Are you experiencing that "nails on a chalkboard" feeling as your brakes grind to a stop?

Other Brake Warnings:

  •       An amber colored dashboard light glows, warning problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  •       A red colored dashboard light glows, warning of a system imbalance
  •       The brake pedal is spongy
  •       You hear squealing while braking

If you said yes then it's time to schedule a brake inspection! Upon inspection, if it's determined that brake repair or servicing is necessary, we will inform you about the procedure, what's absolutely needed, what is optional and then give you an estimate, in writing, before any work is done. If finances are a concern, they'll discuss brake repair options to meet your budget.

Overview of Brake-related Inspections and Services:

  •       brake pedal
  •       hydraulic brake fluid
  •       brake master cylinder
  •       power brake booster
  •       drum brakes
  •       disc brakes
  •       electronic anti-lock brake sensors

Safety is our priority, so our ASE-certified technicians use a 55-point inspection process to identify the health of your brake system. This is part of what makes our repair team an authority and one of the leaders in brake servicing.

While you're with us, let us perform a Courtesy Check;  we'll check inside, outside, under the hood and underneath the car, then review the results and submit the details to you in a written report.

Our technicians understand all aspects of your vehicle's braking system from the inside and out. Additionally, they are prepared to repair the brakes on any make and model providing you with a convenient "one-stop shop" to handle all of your braking needs. 

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