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No one looks forward to buying new tires, but when you need them we can help!

When tires are properly maintained, you will have "spare" tires. That's our fun way of saying that down the road your tires will spare you money, time, gas, and most importantly, safety.

When it comes to maintenance, check your tires for good AIRR Quality:





Alignment - Check the tread for baldness (uneven wear). If your tires appear more obviously worn on the outside than the inside, or vice versa, there may be wheel alignment problems. Poorly aligned wheels will cause your tires to wear out more frequently, result in a rough ride and can create unsafe driving conditions.

TIP: A convenient way to safely check for uneven wear is to occasionally park with your tires turned in or out, and look for differences in wear across the tire's span.

NOTE: A new set of tires will not fix this problem, therefore an alignment may be necessary.

Inflation - Appropriate tire pressure prevents your car from bouncing around if it's too high and the tires from overheating the tread if it's too low. Both problems can contribute to a blowout. Plus, studies show that properly inflated tires provide the best gas efficiency; see the manufacturer's recommended inflation level.

Rotation - Much like flipping a mattress, tires need to be rotated! Front tires can wear faster because of cornering or weight at the front of the vehicle, so routinely swapping tire positions is well worth it. For your convenience, this is a service we provide.

TIP: Remembering to rotate your tires is easy when you schedule it to coincide with your vehicle's oil change.

 Replacement - The more tread you have the less likely you are to hydroplane and potentially lose control of your vehicle. Need new tires? Our team of specialists will help you select the right size and style of tire you need (based on the manufacturer's specifications and the type of driving you do) and ensure that your new tires are properly installed.

TIP: You can easily protect yourself and others by placing a penny, head first, into the tire's tread. Your tires need replacing if you can see Abraham Lincoln's head.

 You can trust our skilled repair technicians because they have an approach to total car care that considers the cause of problems, as well as the symptoms. Experience and manufacturers' knowledge combine to provide a service plan that discount stores or other non-dealer repair shops might not be able to provide.

When you visit us, our repair experts will inspect your tires AIRR Quality, saving you time and money. So, come by or call us to ask about tire sales and tire maintenance/repair services; we'll get you safely back on the road!

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